Magnolia Editions

One thing and another – thinking oh it will be up for a while but not checking the ending date closely enough and then getting busy – I unfortunately missed the Magnolia Editions exhibit (from ME’s blog: “Magnolia Editions: Innovation and Collaboration includes work from the last three decades by artists such as Robert Arneson, Squeak Carnwath, Don Ed Hardy, Enrique Chagoya, Chuck Close, Guy Diehl, Aziz + Cucher, Mildred Howard, William T. Wiley, Mary Hull Webster, Hung Liu, Richard Wagener, Doug Hall, Faisal Abdu’Allah, Kiki Smith, Donald and Era Farnsworth, Inez Storer and Andrew Romanoff, and more, representing a host of media ranging from etchings, collographs, and other more traditional printmaking technologies to Jacquard tapestries, UV-cured acrylic prints on handmade paper fabricated from clothing, and electronic mixed-media sculpture.”) at the Sonoma County Museum, BUT! I got in on the field trip to the studio, which was quite a treat. So much going on, ranging from traditional to cutting edge in both processes and materials. We were greeted in the front gallery/office space and then given a tour of the facility, getting to see a variety of finished work and work in progress. The first thing was a sampling of the tapestries the shop has made – repurposing an industrial process to make Fine Art. As we wended our way back through the studio we were shown or told about the various printmaking processes, papermaking and pigment making that goes on in the studio. Very dynamic and inspiring.


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