IONTW – May 21, 2017

Rosa Parks’ pancake recipe. Yep. Of course she’s a Person of Historical Significance, but she was also a person. With a pancake recipe. Warms my heart and makes me feel good about the world. (No, I havne’t made them yet.)

May is Bike Month, and the 11th was Bike to Work Day, which I have mixed feelings about – I appreciate efforts to get more people out of their cars and hate to be a downer, but it always seems a little artificial, and, at least in the Bay Area, to be focused in areas that are more affluent and/or already have a greater number of bike commuters (OK, so maybe recognizing existing commuters is a nice touch) and I’m not sure how much actual long term effect it has. Marketing/feel good window dressing is always my first reaction when I see that it’s coming. Anyway, here’s a good read on people who do ride their bikes to work. Every. Day. And not to their tech job where they have bike lockers and showers.

I just see faces and hearts. This woman sees unicorns!

And, if you’ve ever wondered about those paint names, maybe there is something to it.

Animated typewritering.

SAFETY PIZZA! You can pizza if you want to… I didn’t realize it would be some assembly required, but after I got over the initial decision paralysis it was pretty fun. Neat to be able to top it your way!

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