Alexander Calder

I was feeling pretty full after the Matisse/Diebenkorn exhibit, but there’s always the feeling of well, I’m here… (and I paid the admission fee) so I may as well look around some more… the tower and bridge was a nice refresher – dare I say palate cleanser? – and that led into a gallery with sculpture in it, which was cool, and then I thought why not look at the map and pick a couple of things and saw there was a sculpture garden (oh! outside!) and cafe (snack-time?) but got waylaid by a whole gallery of Alexander Calder mobiles which are simultaneously impossibly simple and fantastically complex and the shapes and colors (or not) and how they seem to move in an almost alternate dimension so dreamy yet precise and the shadows they make all SO yummy and then on the other hand some of his large metal stabiles outside on a terrace next to a wall covered in plants all of which I don’t think I’d even seen on the map so it was quite lovely to just wander into it all. Splendid!

more pictures

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