SF MOMA tower and bridge

Although I’d seen and admired the distinctive angle cut cylinder (which, maybe there’s a more official name/title for all or part of this but I can’t seem to find it) in the facade of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, I hadn’t really thought about it having an interior space and being able to go inside it. I know, duh. About midway through the Matisse/Diebenkorn exhibit there was a patio where you could go outside for a bit of fresh air and look up at it more closely, and then once I was through the exhibit I spent more time looking up on the inside and going up to walk across the bridge. It was a sunny day when I was there, so the light was great and there were all sorts of neat shadow shapes playing with the shapes of the tower and bridge. The three dimensionality (and being able to take pictures) was quite the contrast to the special exhibit.

more pictures

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