on to the next – vowel and color – starting with the wood, and into the boxes of big outline letters bangforthebuck filling space wise but what? only one upper case and no lower case well alrighty then over to the drawers plenty to choose from there and there’s something about the lower case alternating the ups and downs that is really quite splendid as a pattern and mix the ink yellow and lemon yellow and a bit of yellow ochre so it’s not too yellow yellow and then this is for layering so into the transparent base and ohyeah doesn’t take much pigment really how do I still not remember that anyway gosh I really like the whole thing but my papers aren’t that big so just do pieces and parts and sometimes layers at least get a little something on every page lost in the shapes and then there’s the shape between as well bits parts more or less is more and I still don’t have a final vision for how this is all going to go together but I think I’m over that although there’s a maybe not so fine line about not forcing things vs not making something happen which is to say there isn’t always That Moment where it All Becomes Clear not that you can make those happen but there’s the making the conditions right and being prepared and being able to recognize at least the direction towards clarity.

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