the icEing

back to the vowels project, with the final thing cherry on the top accent somehow ties it all together what is it – the contrast maybe, in the size, the style, the ink – silver + copper + the orange whip mix used for one of the layers (I think – getting quite the collection in the mixed ink bag) – which still looks pretty silvery except for compared to some silver straight out of the can… and all the Es from the 84 point Century, which this time I didn’t just put up or down since somehow the capitals seemed to need the letter part to be lined up so had some extra space to fill in for that to happen and then a line from ha! Goudy Lanston and a few different ways set up on the press as I went along how close they were to each other and parallel or perpendicular and still even though I could set the paper any way I want with this press I stick with orthogonal what’s that about really the layering of it maybe I’m flogging the proverbial dead horse at this point but I just can’t get over it away from it whatever so far still fascinates me how the one over the other and chance alignments the new relationships more is more

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