As the sign also said: The Museum of everyday life in Roman Britain, it showcases artifacts from the third largest Roman settlement in Britain. The Romans established themselves there in AD 50 and lasted until somewhere between 400 and 450. In contrast to many other locations, the subsequent town was not built directly atop the Roman location, but arose around what eventually became St. Albans Cathedral, leaving relatively more of an archeological record – or at least a more accessible record. The first major excavations were done in the 1930s, and the results of this and later digs are on display in the museum. Despite not being built on top of, many of the large monuments were destroyed by medieval builders for building materials – bricks and limestone to make mortar. However, there is a great variety of objects of daily life – pots, jars, cooking and eating utensils (no forks – forks were not used in the Roman period), money, writing implements and many beautiful mosaics. They are well displayed with informative text. Beautiful and educational! Our visit was sadly marred by the presence of an obnoxiously loud school group. Fortunately I had ear plugs. In addition to the museum there is an intact mosaic floor and hypocaust, sections of wall, and a theatre. We did not get to the theatre, but did visit the other sites. Most of the area is a park now, so it was hard to imagine it as a bustling Roman city, but along the walls one could get the faintest sense of what it might have been like.

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