IONTW – April 23, 2017

Art is part of the world it is made in – reflection, reaction, documenting or commenting – and receives meaning from both the maker and the viewer, and there’s often more than two sides to the story.

Finding art in the world – printing from urban objects. Some manhole covers have always made me think of waffles, but I’ll look at them a little differently now!

Automatically generated maps of imaginary worlds.

Fantabulous contraptions by, of all people, John Muir!

And a plane chair. OK, part of a plane.

North Bay peeps mark your calendars! The film of George Takei’s Allegiance will be at the Rialto in Sebastopol on May 9.

Another edition of Rhythms of Cuba, the tour I went on, will be going in November.

Manzanar Pilgrimage this coming Saturday, April 29.

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