and sometimes y

ideas for the next layer started even as the first one was being done, and then some percolation time and a comment by a friend and so when I actually get to the doing it’s almost as if it sets itself and that uncanny somehow all lined up so the spaces between were whole numbers or close enough I made it so and then the color had been thinking blue but maybe that was from the others already blue and yeah can’t do that after all so hmn purple and get out two plus a reddish and mix but then oh maybe that reddish on its own is the ticket why yes, let’s go with that and then the getting it lined up and the idea of covering up a spot that didn’t print so well in the first layer and oops not quite doing it but figure out and move the space in the i-line and YES but then it turns out that some of the first layer are actually printed in a slightly different spot (WTH?!) and so some don’t quite line up and ugh coming up short in the number of copies oh well and again with the spots sometimes not printing something with the ink maybe but get through it or as much as is going to happen anyway so there. fun to get into a type face I might not otherwise have, and spend some time with the letters, and using them as a purely graphic element, playing with the shapes. good times!

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3 Responses to and sometimes y

  1. barleybooks says:

    Love love love this

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