IONTW – April 9, 2017

Other ways of looking and seeing – changing the horizon, and capturing the patterns of birds in flight.

Never underestimate the importance of matching snacks! Or that there’s more to life than your job.

Not sure I know who any of these pitchers are, but very cool stop-motion with baseball cards.

That old book smell.

Learn how to build a rain water collection system. And speaking of blue – cyanometer as art.

While randonneuring might make you feel like you’re chained to your bicycle, I don’t know of anyone who has literally been like Tony Pozzo was! Best quote: “But my bicycle is my only jailer. We get to be chums because where it goes I go.”

David, my ice cream guy, was in Reykjavik, and wrote an excellent piece on its bakeries. (Do not click through if you are hungry. Although, even if you are not, that post will make you!)

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