poem 5 2017

into the Baskerville after a birthday card for my mom, which why do I print something I really only need one of well she will have other birthdays, andor I do know other people with birthdays and, once you have the means for making cards it feels like you should andor odd to buy them but anyway doesn’t take much to pick out the large wood type although afterward a more critical eye says I should have done some kerning between the long verticals of the I + R and again the H + D oh well they do sort of echo and balance each other and what’s done is done so on to the assignment which yes the poem-a-day is feeling like so much resistance this year the first two days of the month were a weekend even and I totally forgot and it feels weird to go back but here I am at the case 30 minutes go and from a Poem of the Day (conveniently e-mailed to me although I haven’t been keeping up so well with the reading of them lately) and its About This Poem and then overheard conversation in the shop after at first wanting to tell them to be quiet just let it in and yes doing one every day is forced and most of them will be crap but there’s the discipline of it and some sort of momentum I suppose and words words words except sometimes the poetry happens without all the words so there you go too and I just print a few and then put the type away that feels good to have it cleaned away like that in the printing I forgot the packing so go a bit of a ghost which then I printed again with enough to have it legible and I liked the ghost it sorta went with the words except it also sorta looks like a mistake which I suppose it was and oh the other thing or an-other thing the bumping up of the f and the i so ohyeah getting to use a ligature how cool is that?!

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