four Es of use

and back to the letter in a single face – well, this is the second one, and with a I’d started with the four of them, then gone to the mix of wood and then the metal, so it seems back compared with that and maybe not back as in backwards or anything but just a different order and it turns out there were actually 5 es but somehow I couldn’t quite make that work or didn’t want to anyhow and then looking ahead (for once as if there really is a plan or idea to this all) there are four is (haha) and os but only 3 us… ah, missing u well I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it

and the orange with no transparent base and somehow it doesn’t seem quite as different from what is already printed as I’d like it to be but I can’t make that any lighter so hmn make the orange a little darker well more brown anyway although it doesn’t look like so much of a difference in the pictures but so it goes

then the parts I don’t do or try to do so systematically like the original start of the whole idea which has gone its own way as those things sometimes go but here it pops up again on its own when I print and then reuse a print as packing and it offprints but only the part where there’s ink already plus the letter again and so I use that although its subtle and can get lost but I find some that have plenty of open space and what unexpectedly fun shapes they are!

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