IONTW – March 26, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Cooked by Michael Pollan – read by the author! It’s a great exploration of the transformative power of cooking – both literal and figurative.

Gourds of all sizes and shapes! and bowling ball yard art!

Rock music. Literally. And in other music news, Chuck Berry passed away. I have a recollection of my dad taking us to see him at the Fair in Santa Maria. I’ll have to get some more details about that.

Coming up this weekend, April 1 & 2 in Santa Rosa – Orchids. I see the signs every year but never seem to be around to actually go. Alas this year won’t be any different.

I have had the thought that it’s not how you are when things are going well, but how you are when it’s hitting the fan that really says who you are.

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