pockets and envelopes

back to the cutting and folding – not (necessarily) books but could be used to contain a book or book-like/ish structure or somehow incorporated in a book. first an Origami Pocket Envelope which takes a long strip and folds it on itself to make a pocket (bet you didn’t see that coming)

then a Folded Envelope, from a rectangle and just a few folds and what’s a third of eleven, really? although it turns out it didn’t really have to be that exact and in fact maybe making the flaps shorter might have been the way to go

and … on a roll, how about also the Origami Wallet? which had a few cuts to be made, but again folds on itself to make pockets and this one she mentioned could be used as pages for a book ah hold that thought maybe for all those cards I made

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1 Response to pockets and envelopes

  1. judigoldberg says:

    and of course when it is slightly off it is a whole other thing, or there are some different interesting shapes and shadows…

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