more of the same, but different, as they say. the letter A, but time for some lead. why? did I think about that? not so much actually, and had anyone asked, because, I suppose. that’s what time it was. contrast, perhaps, a bit of an accent maybe? and the ink, that last week I used mixed into transparent base, this time full strength

the lead will be a size difference, but I don’t want to go too small, and there’s a few choices in the large lead – I go with the one – Century Bold, 84 pt. – that has some lower case a – I’m finding I like the mix – and then a 24 point, Goudy Lanston, I use all the upper case then fill in the 30 pica line with lower case – pretty much how they come out of the case, some rightside down and others upside right (speaking of which – there isn’t really a “direction” per se for any of these, but I take the pictures in a certain orientation which seems to make sense at the time but then when I look at them later on the computer I can’t always tell what that was and sometimes end up rotating them around and around trying to decide)

first with some space between the two lines – separation on the page or even on two different pages and even though I don’t have to, still something keeps me to the right angles to the page, for the most part, although placement I am all over and then put the two lines right next to each other

and the chance of it all the unexpected lovelinesses and half think when I particularly like something what is it about that that draws me in? and then the follow on of could I MAKE that happen? that is plan it somehow and decide I want a certain something and then do a whole edition of it or where the heck (again) is this one going and yeah there are 25 other letters in the alphabet oh that would keep me busy for a while hmn maybe just the vowels … vowel movement, so to speak?

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