that’s more a

I was going to say more as – as in additional, multiples of the letter a. Not as in the word as. I think some designate the plurality with a’s, but that seems like the dreaded apostrophe foul. But I digress.

From some of the things I saw at Codex and elsewhere recently I’m back to thinking about letterforms and parts there off and repeating and layering and how much do you need to see and what makes something a letter a particular letter and so pull out the stack of paper printed before and into the cases of wood type and this time some upper case not just the lower case and gosh I’ve never really noticed how different they are the upper and lower, lower not just a smaller version of upper, but the angles versus the curves and does anyone really actually write the lower case a with the curvy over the top and the roundy part rather than just the roundy part and there are names for those different parts Eric was just showing me a new book he got about type oh so much to learn

And start out with the BIG outline individual doesn’t actually cover as much space as I’d sorta thought it might and so more letters and how the shapes look and then every once in a while just comes up So Right with what was printed before and funny how even though I’m on the proof press and can put the paper any which way and I don’t even really have a rectangular forme for some reason I mostly stay orthogonal what’s up with that?

Some of the thoughts try to race ahead to what’s next or what am I to DO with this? but no come back just stay in the actual doing of it that is happening now the ink the roller onto the letters the paper the press roller the print there here

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