IONTW – February 19, 2017

Day of Remembrance – 75th anniversary of issuance of Executive Order 9066.

So. Much. Water. At peak, Oroville dam was releasing 100,000 CFS down the spillway to try to reduce the reservoir level. That works out to 64,627 MGD. If that many million gallons per day is hard to get your head around, the USGS says the average Californian uses 181 gallons a day, which seems high, but going with that number, the one second of flow would be about 4132 days or 11.3 years of usage.

In other dam news – Glory Hole! And other water – some amazing images of waves.

Messes happen.

Paper pipe organ!!! For reals.

Spring class schedule at North Bay Letterpress Arts!

Love as an app. and in maps.

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