yahoo! +

for some reason I’d printed a whole stack of the heel-clicky dude, and a yahoo! seemed like the perfect word to go with him, and I was seeing an orange-orange, which was what I mixed looked like, but when printed it didn’t seem much different so I made it darker to get some contrast and then there was some moving around to get the word to land in the right place I like how it looks like he’s launching off the ‘h’ and how the top of it (the ‘h’) echoes the shape of his foot and then just for giggles I added the yahoo! to the FOR THE WIN and darn if that ‘h’ didn’t just nestle its top in so nicely between the ‘W’ and ‘I’ and oh going down the layered word rabbit hole printed it the other direction too and also printed some “extras” since who knows when you’ll need a yahoo!

then since I had the press all inked up with orange it reminded me there was a Halloween cut so I printed some of those as well, although it didn’t want to play well with the off-white paper (that I have stacks of, and the envelopes for) but it did like the smoother paper in the yellow and brown

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