Happy Nothing-says-love-like-buying-obligatory-crap-on-this-particular-Day!

Yeah, don’t get me started. It’s the most horrid of all the so-called holidays. (OK, you’re right, I say that about Christmas when it’s that time of year.) But this, while there’s also the rampant commercialism that plagues Christmas, is perhaps more insidious due to the expectations and pressure. That you are (1) supposed to be in a relationship and (2) Certain Things are supposed to happen (be bought, mostly) on This Particular Day. So many ways to fail, or feel bad – if you aren’t with someone you are somehow less, and even if you are with someone, if you don’t get them the right stuff or take them to the right restaurant then you’ll have ruined their day. What a bunch of malarkey.

A particular day doesn’t make you any more or less lovable. And why do we need a particular day to do something special for those we love – including ourselves? After all, like un-birthdays, there are 364 un-valentine’s-days! And I know the capital V one of February 14 isn’t going away, so here’s the Dinosaur’s Guide. And, the Perfect Partner. And, a bit of wisdom I came across last night that seemed apropos: Stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love.

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