2017 Codex Book Fair

North Bay Letterpress Arts participated as an exhibitor at the Codex Book Fair again this year, but I didn’t get it together to have anything to show, perhaps partly as I was not so interested in spending time at the table and the having to talk to people thing. Anyway, I went two afternoons after work to look around, which ended up being a great way to do it, as it’s quieter during the week, and just when I was getting to saturation point it was the end of the opening hours.

As before, there was the initial rush of OMIGOSHTHEREISSOMUCHAWESOMEHERE!!! then the realization set in that there’s no way to see everything, so I just had to see what I could. The room is laid out in a grid, so I tried to be systematic about it, although that didn’t always work out, since sometimes people would be away from their tables, or they would be too busy with other people for me to see anything. Going back a second time allowed me to catch up on some of those I’d wanted to see but hadn’t gotten the first day.

Even with the two visits it ended up being the 20k foot fly-by, with stops for more detailed viewing where the work grabbed my attention. Again interesting to observe what did that, as well as what intrigued others – there would be some tables with an almost constant knot of people, others with none. Was it the work, or how it was displayed, or something the people at the table were doing or not doing? There’s the theatre of it, to borrow a phrase from Judi.

And, in the seeing things, of course it all goes in the hopper who knows if/when it will ever come out, but then how does it inspire – to take or use directly? to have? to extend – in the same direction, another direction, or opposing? And mostly I just wanted to look, but then in most cases the artist is there, so what and how do you ask them about their work?

Anyway, of course so many of the usual suspects, here’s a selection of new-to-me artists and some of their books that I particularly enjoyed:

Harsimus Press
Set in Motion Press
Leopard Studio Editions: This Past Winter, You Darknes
Sarah Hulsey: Space of Poetics
B-PLATFORM – Korean bookshop/studio/workshop representing a number of artists, some very whimsical/sweet selections

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