IONTW – February 5, 2017

Monday, January 30 was Fred Korematsu Day. Google marked it with their Doodle. There’s a new book for young people about Mr. Korematsu, who resisted Executive Order 9066.

Others of Japanese heritage, even after being incarcerated, served in the armed services of the United States. The City of Bruyères, France built a monument to those in the 100/442nd Regimental Combat Team who liberated the city from the Germans in 1944. Funds are being raised to restore and augment the monument and contribute toward ongoing maintenance.

Codex Book Fair opens today in Richmond, CA! Through Wednesday, February 8, and next weekend, February 10-12 is the California International Antiquarian Book Fair in Oakland, CA.

Cue nostalgic music – card catalogs! I would so love to have some.

Have spray paint, will fix your grammar.

A year of knots.

Perfect popcorn! I haven’t tried it yet, but it certainly sounds like it makes sense.

Hello Dumpling.

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