accordion books

An Accordion-Fold Book seemed a little no-brainer – do I really need instructions for this?! – but it wasn’t just take a piece of paper and squiggle it up, there’s actually a way to do the folds so you end up with a nice, even 8-panel accordion with the mountains and valleys in the right places and not having to reverse any folds. And the instructions in the book also joined two sections together to have an even longer accordion, and had various options for covers, to make it book-y. Also noted was the fact this is a good structure to use when the work is going to be displayed under glass, as it can be spread out so all the content can be viewed.

Next up was a Miniature Tabbed Accordion, which had a flair treatment on the front edges – the peaks of the mountain folds. It’s always fun to see what can be done with folds and cuts.

Then, an Accordion with Pockets! Alas, not magic pockets, and I didn’t have the paper size the book specified, but I made do with what I had. I could see how, as the instructions mentioned, you need to choose your paper carefully and be careful with your folding, since there are multiple layers it’s easy to get wrinkles. Since some ends up inside, this would probably have worked out better visually with a little planning. But, I got the idea of the structure. An intriguing option mentioned was shaping the edge of the pocket rather than leaving it straight like I did. Again, two sections were joined, which I did do this time, and then a cover, which I didn’t do.

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