Faith Ringgold: An American Artist

Since the last time I’ve been the Sonoma County Museum has split in two, with the History Museum staying in the old Post Office, and the Art Museum moving into a new space on the corner of the block. I can’t remember what used to be in that building (I’m pretty sure there was a building there before) – some sort of retail? – it’s a basic one story box, that they’ve glammed up a bit with some murals and flair.

Inside is one main open space, which nicely housed the featured Faith Ringgold exhibit that I was there to see. There was also a small selection from the Museum’s collection. I know of Faith Ringgold’s story quilts, but I’m not sure I’d ever seen any in person. They are really lovely as objects – the colors, pictures, textures of the fabrics – and very engaging with pictures and words. I spent quite a bit of time in front of them and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Ringgold is also a painter, sculptor, printmaker and award-winning children’s book author! It was fantastic to see the variety of her work – eclectic in media and yet a common sensibility to all of it. Besides the quilts, I particularly enjoyed the drawings (as for any artist I find them the most telling in many ways) and masks.

It was a great exhibit, and a lovely size to enjoy and spend time with each piece and see it all but not feel overwhelmed.

Through January 29, 2017.

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