IONTW – January 22, 2017

A little different setting, perhaps, but much of the time I wear so-called men’s clothes. An interesting read from someone who “switched.” Perhaps begs the question of what is cross-dressing and why are clothes gendered anyway.

Chizu Omori and her family were sent to Poston in southwestern Arizona during World War II.  She has been active in telling the story of the incarceration experience, most recently with an essay: Why I’m Still Talking About My Incarceration as an American Japanese – The Pain of Remembering Is Deep, But the Danger in Forgetting Is Far Worse.

I can’t remember now how I came across Lucky Peach, but it was definitely one of those How Have I Not Known of This/Where Have You Been All My Life?! sort of moments, and yes I am sorely tempted to subscribe to their magazine, despite my wanting to de-stuff-ify my life. Anyway, if you’ve ever wondered how to eat a burrito, they’re there for you. Or, if you’ve ever wanted to have Disney princesses as hot dogs. Or is that wanting to have hot dogs that are Disney princesses?

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