The House of Silvanas was about to close but the lady still let us in – everything had been taken out of the cases already – there were little signs saying what would have been there, but I said I’d never been before and what would be the thing to try, and she came back with the colorful box of … silvanas. Erm… Yeah, that would make sense – that’s the namesake dessert. But… what is it? Buttercream sandwiched between meringue cookies and frozen! Who knew?! A Filipino dessert – the cookie version of the Sans Rival cake. She told us what all the flavors were, I lost track. And, after trying a few of them, I’m not sure that they actually taste much different. But they were all yummy – and it’s more about the texture – crisp and creamy contrast and the SWEET!

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2 Responses to Silvana

  1. Omg I have been looking for these in my city everywhere. There are soo good (:

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