Tank markings

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3 Responses to Tank markings

  1. Brian says:

    Where was this? Ben is INTO tanks currently. We were fortunate enough years ago to spend a day in Portola Valley when the guy (his name escapes me) had the largest tank collection in the world. I even have a photo of Ben as a terrorist aiming a anti tank bazooka at the tender age of 8. We planned on being there a few ours and it ended up taking almost 9 hours to go through it all. A missed day of school but well worth it.

    • nutMeg says:

      Wow! That sounds awesome. These are at the Tank Museum http://www.tankmuseum.org/home – Bovington, England. We were lucky that our visit coincided with the Tank Fest!

      • Brian says:

        Thanks. I’ll have to look it up next spring. England is on our Spring Break list next year. Ben is into WOT and can’t stop talking about “The Mighty Gingles”. If WCN wants an online teammate from time to time Ben would certainly not say no.

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