Styles Ice Cream

Styles had been one of the results from the intarwebs search for Best Ice Cream in London/England: “We are recognised as the country’s premier producers of homemade farmhouse ice cream and iced desserts. All of our ice cream is made on the farm with fresh locally sourced Jersey cow’s milk, fresh West Country cream, and no artificial colours or ingredients.” … The company, which “began with one 1930’s style ‘stop me and buy one’ ice cream trike, has now escalated to a fleet of 9 Ice Cream vans, 3 large parlour units, 4 small ice cream trailers, tent units and a number of trikes.” We encountered them at Tank Fest and outside the National Maritime Museum! Super yummy creamy tasty, and great flavor choices but this country has not figured out the cone thing. The larger trailer at Tank Fest also listed some sheep’s milk flavors, but I did not try any of those.

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