Winged Book

Getting back to trying out book structures, with another one from the Glued section – the Winged Book. It started with squares, mine were actually slightly smaller than the dimensions given in the book, but it still seemed to work out. There’s some folding – along the diagonal, then the points to the middle, which I first tried to just eyeball, but then, yes, following the directions to make a small pencil mark did seem to work out a skosh better.

After the folding the individual pieces are glued together. I could see a lot of potential for the contrast between the open and folded over parts, and the transition from piece to piece with what is on each side of the wings. There are also pockets formed by the folded parts!

I ended up putting a soft cover on it, since it was the easiest cover option, and then had a little BOO moment where I realized I’d lost the accordion/fully opening/being able to see the back quality, but then realized since it’s only attached by the front and back wings it was still possible to spread it out, although only into a circleish, not a line. But, one could also do individual front and back hard covers if one wanted the accordion, or could stitch or glue the block into the cover if you wanted it to stay traditional bookish. Super fun structure, it definitely got my mind going, and I also goofed around a bit with some non-square pages, which didn’t quite go anywhere, but was good experimentation.

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2 Responses to Winged Book

  1. judigoldberg says:

    as is the way of these things you never know where or how it will go until you get started…(she said, giggling, as if life weren’t one great book) what fun!

    • nutMeg says:

      indeed. how many times I (re)learn the lesson – reading, seeing pictures, even watching someone else do something… never the same as actually do it oneself

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