Camden Lock Books

Yes, another book shop. Also on The Map, and I’d made a note of, but didn’t feel as if I HAD to go there, but then it turned out to be conveniently located in an Underground station. Which, I could imagine with that location passing by every day and never actually going in – always on the way somewhere else. Anyway, there were some fun things in the windows and racks outside the door, and the inside was chock full of an eclectic selection of books – from modern bestsellers to quirky vintage finds… yup, I got sucked in to look around. The man at the counter was having a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful conversation with a customer seeking both a particular book and related recommendations. I enjoyed some pleasant browsing – although really, buying books when one is travelling?! I know… – but pins are small and light. I’d found one for my mom at the British Library, and now here was a button for my dad!

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