IONTW – December 25, 2016

Special Christmas edition…

Two things I like – hearts and paper – meet in an ornament. I haven’t tried making them yet, let me know if you do!

David Bowie and Bing Crosby. Yes, that’s right.

Who says industrial automation isn’t festive?

Food is a big part of our stories and who we are, perhaps especially at holiday. One man’s musings on fruitcake.

SPUGS! Who’s in for a revival?

How different age groups celebrate Christmas, from the Oatmeal. Evernog?! (No, I didn’t.)

That Christmas smell. SCIENCE!

And, the world’s tallest snowman is actually a snowwoman. Named after Olympia Snowe.

There’s a Sitting Bull quote on Mt. Tam!

(h/t Helen Hiebert) for the head’s up on a new book by bookbinder and writer Margaret E. Davis. “As many of you know, paper was invented in China — so, too, moveable type, woodblock printing, and bookbinding itself. Margaret won a grant to study bookbinding where books began, and now has a manual-memoir coming out that teaches four of the oldest bindings on paper. With dozens of illustrations and images of techniques, tools, and artifacts, China under the Covers weaves history, how-to expertise, and a journalist’s eye for detail into a compelling narrative that embraces both cultural continuity and contemporary change.”


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