Persephone Books

Between the intarwebs and a pamphlet I’d picked up somewhere along the way, I had an impossibly long list of book shops to check out. Persephone had sounded intriguing, but didn’t quite make in on the Must Visit list. However, as I was making my way between one Must and Another, I happened to glance across the street and there it was! OK, the Universe Has Spoken. The store had a charming window display, and inside was like stepping into a bibliophile friend’s living room – book-lined shelves, stacks of books on tables, a desk and comfy looking chair or two, a glimpse of a room beyond that might be office or kitchen – the whole place having a slightly lived-in feel, in a nice homey way. Persephone Books specializes in neglected works by mid-twentieth century (mostly) women writers. The books are a mix of novels, short stories, diaries, memoirs and cookery books. They share an equalizing grey cover, but each has beautiful color end papers inspired by textiles created in the year the book was originally written or published. They’re quite lovely, and it was nice to browse about and read the descriptions of the different books without being distracted by the covers. I enjoyed the clean design aesthetic of the books, and appreciate the mission of getting these authors more exposure. I – and the Universe – would definitely recommend a visit to the shop. This also gave the *small world moment for the day. When we reconvened, I mentioned I’d stopped in, and WCN said his history teacher had a poster from them!

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