sprout cut

I’ve had some linoleum blocks, and ideas for using them, for I don’t know how long now – another one of Those Things that I finally Made Happen! woohoogome It started with the quote, and then I had the thought that maybe a little image might be nice with it, which – little (2″x3″) – I hadn’t thought about the size part of it, but it turned out to be a good thing for my first go ’round to be small and simple. Made it seem do-able. I didn’t have a bench hook so it wasn’t the ideal carving situation, but I still enjoyed it and could feel a whole nother avenue of exploration opening up.

My sketch was just the sprout but then in my visual catalog are other images with the border treatment so I started out with that and figured I could always trim it off later. I printed a bunch as a bookmarkish sorta thing with the word GROW, which was fun, and then moved on to the quote.

Just for giggles I printed it as it was, and hey I wouldn’t have guessed, but I liked having the border. Although it did go over the words, and after printed a few I realized that wasn’t quite working so I took a bit out. Then printed merrily away (I’m really falling in love with the C&P and wondering why I’ve sort of avoided it all these years…) until one sheet went kinda cockeyed and oh hey, at an angle to the words! seemed potential kinda cool but I couldn’t quite figure out the paltry geometric dilemma under the time constraints so just went back to straight.

Which, speaking of straight – I got the quote from my Veggie Box of Awesome newsletter, I liked it, and since the election there’s been more political prints going off in the shop which this seemed to be apropos without being anti-(fillinwhatever) or negative. A quick intarwebs googling seemed to indicate it as a Mexican proverb, but apparently the real story is that it’s from a modern Greek poet.

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