off to the Big Revolution in the sky

Fidel Castro died last Friday, at the age of 90. Although he had been ill for many years, stepping aside from the presidency in 2006 and then resigning in 2008 and passing the office to his brother Raúl, he was still a powerful and polarizing figurehead. Holding office since 1959, he was perhaps one of the most recognizable heads of state in the world. However, on the trip to Cuba I took a couple of years ago, images of Che Guevara – who was actually from Argentina – were much more prevalent than those of Fidel. Perhaps since Che is dead, and can’t say how his image is used, or maybe it’s the martyr aspect, that he’s been iconized, become shorthand for “Revolution” and commoditized for the tourists. In any case, here are the images of or references to Fidel I came across in my travels. And maybe it’s not the Big Revolution he’s gone to, but a neverending ping pong game that he always wins.

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3 Responses to off to the Big Revolution in the sky

  1. Mel & Suan says:

    We want to be there – probably in mid of 2017. Perhaps we can say then if the posters of Castro are still around. Would not it be replaced with Raul?

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