IONTW – November 27, 2016

A Knit Skeleton!

And, if one is going to collect books, miniature is probably the way to go. Think of how many you could have without it taking over your whole house!

Through Monday 11/28, Holiday Sale at Split Lip Press, publishers of Because I Wanted to Write You a Pop Song by local author Kara Vernor.

It will only be 50 years next year since the US Supreme Court struck down all interracial-marriage bans. That’s not that long ago. I also didn’t know that the Japanese American Citizens League had filed an amicus brief in support of the Lovings, the couple challenging the ban in Virginia, and William Marutani, the JACL general counsel, spoke in front of the Court during the case. Marutani had been incarcerated at Tule Lake.

Nocturne, a podcast with the tagline Peering into the dusty corners of the night, had an episode on randonneuring featuring Rob Hawks and Max Poletto from San Francisco Randonneurs.

This Week’s Wildlife

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