They Tried to Bury Us

The Veggie Box of Awesome Newsletter had this great quote after the election, and it might get me to do a linoleum block cut, which has been on my list of projects to try for I don’t know how long but don’t get too ahead of myself there… I knew I wanted to fit it on a third sheet, so it will go in a #10 envelope, and I browsed the new type faces and found one that felt right, and counted letters and darnit, short a ‘y’ in the 18 point that had first grabbed me. The 24 was a little larger than I’d been thinking so OK, I’ll have the page go horizontally instead of vertically and merrily setting away and DOH, short a ‘d’ … curses! I didn’t think to check that. Urgh, what to do?! Now I’m liking the boldness of the 24, and seems not quite right to finish with the 18, so… AH! Just do the middle with the 18, then back to the 24 for the punchline and YES! that’s a great mix, and funny how the constraints of lack of letters brought it about, would most likely have just used one or the other type face if there had been enough letters in either. I was thinking I’d print on different color papers, but then tried a few and ended up printing just on the one I liked.

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