letter bits and layers

back at the press – the Vandercook proof press this time, and, as suspected, with a mask for inking I was able to get more the effect I’d had in my head – that is – printed or blank, no blind-printed/emboss in the part that wasn’t supposed to be there. and I’d had quarters in my head, but somehow that wasn’t quite what I’d thought it might be. and geez the inking was tedious. hmn. maybe if I’d cut out a window from a transparency that might be easier to use plus be able to see what was getting inked/left out. or maybe I’m over this idea. although I could kinda see using bits to create an overall pattern maybe do a linoleum block or oh! a pressure plate.

but, I had the ink out, so back to old reliable layering and turning some of the letters and then changing out to an e and also an o and printing on some from last week which I can’t quite decide if the colors go together but in the meantime I do a few more and there’s something SO satisfying about just inking and putting the paper down and seeing what comes out – and I just love how the wood type looks and feels, that playing with blocks thing I’ll just never outgrow

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