Another one of Those Ideas that’s been kicking around who knows how long or from where but for some reason it burbled up and out – that parts thing and how much of a letter do we need to have to recognize it and what – if anything – is the distinguishing bit (or bits) and so yes of course it might well be different amounts for each letter – needed, that is, to know what it is. (butalsoif the knowing what it is is needed, but I’m getting ahead of myself)

so. start. at the beginning. a very good place or well as good as any and wood of course so I can go big but not too big and for some reason seems like lower case is the thing to do and I have quadrants in my head so when I find a type face and then it has 4 lower case a letters I go with that then the arranging “evenly” spaced and there’s a good stack of Mohawk superfine on the paper shelves and my first inclination is vertical but I overrule myself and set up horizontal which would work but no the vertical thought really at least try it and yes, that’s where it’s at

and red ink from last time at the press and some rhodamine out of the can oops did I just mix oil and rubber? hmn well it mixed (and seemed to print OK, so maybe I didn’t or maybe I don’t know enough to tell)

then from the horizontal mistart I have some setup prints that I use for the change to vertical which OH then end up with overlaps layers which you know how I love that (and apparently can’t avoid even though that was not at all what this was going to be about) FOCUS

and how to get the parts? setting a mask on the letters doesn’t work with the rollers (or at least the way I tried it – I’m on the Vandercook SP15) but if I put something in the grippers with the paper that works although only for the long strips which was not my original idea at all but once it happens I go with it and get some inriguing shapes, although you can see a slight blind impression where the ink isn’t so what letter it is is still pretty apparent. but some of the shapes that come wow it doesn’t matter that they are part of a letter now does it after all that

so this isn’t that – original idea that is – which maybe needs manual inking to mask at that step to get print and non print without the blind impression or maybe it requires cut letter pieces or who knows but while not That it is something and fun and intriguing and it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve just done that – let something happen and so it was good

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