Skyline Chestnuts

Just driving along, and there’s a sign by the side of the road: SKYLINE CHESTNUTS. I’m intrigued, but it’s on the other side of the road. We do have to go back that way though, so on the return trip I pull in. I think I was expecting “farm stand” with baskets of chestnuts (or maybe roasting on an open fire), but turns out it’s a gather-your-own dealio. I was going to say U-Pick, but (learning my new thing for the day) you don’t pick chestnuts – it damages the trees – the ripe ones fall and you gather them off the ground. The trees are big old glorious beautiful things, and the chestnuts are lovely brown gems – inside a pokey cover – there was a veritable carpet of the coverings underneath the trees, not the place to go barefoot! Although it was a mizzly morning, the parking lot was almost full, and we saw several families out gathering, including one with a little boy in THE CUTEST dinosaur hoody (note to self check if that comes in adult sizes!)

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