Carver Harvey

Just walking along through Regent’s Park and WHOA! saw a large feline out of the corner of my eye, which (whew?) didn’t move, even when I approached… turned out to be carved out of wood! This led to a girl and a fox, then on to a circle of life I suppose one might call it – carved stools with various fauna and flora. There were no explanatory signs that I saw, but it some ways it was nice to just enjoy them as unexpected found objects without any weight of names or stories. Although not far off the path, they seemed to be in a world of their own, and everyone else just walked past without stopping. Not that I’m complaining about having them to myself – they were wonderful company, full of spirit and grace, and the wisdom from having been a tree, formed by an artist. I felt very fortunate to have come across them in my wandering.

more photos

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