IONTW – October 16, 2016

Last day of Sonoma County Art Trails!

Something other than decorative gourds – not that there’s anything wrong with that – apparently this month is Inktober.

If you’re ever in Nevada City and looking for tasty cheeses – Wheyward Girl Creamery. With a name like that, how I could I not go check it out?

Bicycles from Robin Williams’ collection are up for auction, benefitting Challenged Athletes Foundation and Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. His family and friends fondly remember his apparent joy every time he got on a bike. Robin cherished the meditative aspect of the rides, the alone time, and the opportunity to move around anonymously without having to interact. “Watching my dad get on a bike was like watching a penguin spread its wings and take flight. He’d take off at inhuman speed, a smile on his face, and never look back,” his daughter Zelda reminisced at the Noble Awards gala in 2015.

Going by on the feed, from two different friends, articles about Asian Americans and racism, from Kim Tran, who teaches Asian American Studies, and Michael Luo, an editor at the New York Times. #thisis2016 (video)

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