IONTW – October 9, 2016

Simon Barcham Green gave A Personal View of Paper History at the Book Club of California. From the event description: Simon Barcham Green belongs to the sixth generation of the family that ran Hayle Mill, Maidstone from 1812 to 1987. After obtaining a BSc in Paper Science from the University of Manchester, he worked in half a dozen machine mills before joining the family business, where he introduced the first alkaline sized mold-made watercolor and handmade papers in the world. Green developed many new papers for conservation purposes and worked closely with some of the leading private presses to produce bespoke papers, including special watermarks. He has visited hundreds of paper mills in recent years and provided consultancy services to many in India, Bhutan, and the Philippines. Now Business Manager of the Institute of Conservation and a member of the British Association of Paper Historians, Green is in continuous correspondence with people around the world on papermaking matters.

He shared pictures and stories from his travels in India and Bhutan helping sustain and resuscitate traditional papermaking enterprises. He also had a great collection of historical photos from English mills and stories from his family’s years in the business. The alloted hour was far too short.

Barcham Green watermark photo above by Juliayn Coleman. Apparently those in the know have a stash of their papers.

Sonoma County Art Trails Open Studios going on today and next weekend October 15/16.

Also next weekend: Vintage Paper Fair, Saturday October 15 in San Francisco. I still haven’t made it to one of these, and won’t to this one either, although it’s probably just as well. Also, Friday 14 to Sunday 16, the 23rd annual WINEPEX stamp show, sponsored by the Redwood Empire Collectors Club at the Marin Center Exhibit Hall in San Rafael, CA.

The Santa Rosa Tool Library is just that – a library of tools. I haven’t been there yet, but it sounds like a great resource if you need a tool for a particular project but it is out of your budget or something you might only use the once. Annual fund drive is going on now.

Also in Santa Rosa, also right now, PUMP TRACK is going in! WOOHOO!

Well, except (spoiler alert) that she did die – which I spose was why this went by again – feel good story about living.


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