Preserved Lemon Ice Cream and Avocado Oil Ice Cream

I have a big ole jar of preserved lemons lurking in my fridge. One of those recipes that piqued my interest and I actually made – although, can you really call putting lemons and salt in a jar a recipe? Anyway, then there’s the what to actually do with them question. I’d actually been thinking a sweet and sour lemon ice cream, and then what goes by on Food52 but a Preserved Lemon Ice Cream recipe! Again, not sure I’m totally sold on not full on sweet/dessert ice cream, but it paired nicely with the Honey Ice Cream.

And then there’s the Olive Oil Ice Cream thing, which people do, and David has a recipe for, which has been on the list of things to try, but then both the Preserved Lemon and Rosemary’s Baby have Olive Oil in them so I had to do something a little different, and I have a big jar of avocado oil (GrocOut/who knew there was such a thing) so I used that. The oil is a pale yellow-green, rich with a subtle hint of avocado – or maybe I’m just tasting that because I know that’s what it is. The ice cream turned out pretty much the same – pale yellow-green, rich and subtle hint of something… it was nice on its own, but is one of those flavors that would probably be even better paired with I’m not exactly sure what, but there’s probably something that would be better than the sum of parts together.

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