Icelandic letterpress

Doing a search on Icelandic letterpress comes up with Reykjavík Letterpress, which I also saw an article about (in the airplane magazine?) but, one thing and another, didn’t make the time to connect with them and possibly go by and see their shop. Partly that our visit was already pretty full, and then that notabletogetovermyself potential for awkwardness of what would we actually talk about? Uh well we both print but uh yeah anyway. OK, maybe next time.

Anyway, I did come across the very cool place name map of Iceland in the oh I think it was Iceland Design Center(re) shop, which had lots of cool things, but this I couldn’t resist. The label said by HEH Designs, and made in Iceland. I brought one back for Eric at the shop too, and when he went to Iceland he brought back some of the Reykjavík Letterpress cards, which I hadn’t come across in my excursion. The money card is actually made of money! …with the introduction of the Euro, Dutch and German banknotes were chopped and mixed with tree-free pulp…

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