Rjómasúkkulaði Ice Cream and Lakkrís Ice Cream

That would be Icelandic Milk Chocolate Ice Cream – stop – and Icelandic Licorice Ice Cream – two separate flavors, although as I’m writing this and thinking of the candy I tried, the chocolate/licorice bar was surprisingly tasty, so these might play well if marbled together. Anyway, I don’t know if it’s the milk, or something else in the ingredients or process, but the milk chocolate definitely has a different taste than what’s made here in the States. The bar I had wasn’t quite enough for David’s recipe, so I got to do some scaling. YayMath(s)!

Then I had two kinds of licorice. The strings were more like plain licorice/the black Red Vines that the Humphry Slocombe recipe lists, and the squares were more the European/salt licorice flavor. I couldn’t decide, so ended up using half of each, and less salt than the recipe called for, since some of the licorice had that going on already. I was happy with the result. I think I have enough to do separate batches with each kind, but I’m not sure I’d actually be able to taste a difference once it’s ice-creamified.

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