starting. (again)

still having that between things feeling, but trying to regain momentum. when in doubt, do something. don’t get too hung up on it being The Thing. sometimes it’s the doing. and you know how it is, once you’re busy with something, there’s all the Other Things clamoring to be done…

so, the quote into the flower fold book it is. find some nice paper on the shelves oh I can get 3 panels out of each sheet ah wouldn’t it be nice to print something across the whole thing first before cutting but I can’t find the curved furniture I was thinking of using for a line of some sort of something and haven’t gotten the pressure printing set up going yet so don’t get hung up I go ahead and cut the paper and then ah! there’s the column sorts oh a circle too but the columns will fill more space that fear of the blank page

but don’t want to overfill it either, so start off with blind printing yes this texture is fun but subtle, ok, a bit of color then thinking maybe a mask back to the circle again but that doesn’t quite pan out – I end up inking the whole forme although again trying not to go too much so use the transparent base for just a whisper of color and hmn what if I hadn’t blind printed first would you even be able to tell the difference? layers… everything is there even if it’s not obvious

then experiment a bit with some heavier inking, on the forme, which I’m not sure about, and then some brayering directly on the paper, which at first I like then change my mind to not so much but I do have some spare pages and I’ve already decided there aren’t going to be many of these – five, maybe – and then I end up leaving some unprinted also. options.

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