(almost) Paradís

Even with the popularity of the softserve, a search for “best ice cream in Reykjavík” comes up with some what I would call “ice cream” but in this scenario might have to be denoted as “regular ice cream” or “ball” or well really it seemed that if it wasn’t softserve it was gelato. Maybe just say notsoftserve. Anyway, Paradís sounded intriguing, and it was along my way between museums and book stores. The store front was super cute, giving allowance for the colors, and, although it didn’t seem particularly lit up, it was during the day and during the posted opening hours, so I went in. There was no one behind the counter, I waited a bit, no one appeared. I called out. No answer. Hmn. A woman and child came in. We all waited a bit more, then a man – perhaps from the store next door? – came in and said that the door was only unlocked because of the cleaning people. Um, OK. No gelato for you! File under: so much for believing opening hours, although this time I’d at least gotten inside, but it wasn’t really much more satisfying than looking through the window would have been. Although I did get to have a closer look at the fun pictures of local-ish looking people eating ice cream. yay.

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