Icelandic candy

So yeah, all this happened… I don’t know why the licorice is such a Thing, but it is. I remember my sister coming home with a big bag of salt licorice and thinking it was kinda gross, but I guess my tastes have changed. Well, and these might just be regular licorice anyway.

AND! Chocolate and licorice. Who knew?! I was pretty sceptical, but yum. Turns out Prince Polo is from Poland. When imports were restricted, this was the only foreign chocolate bar available (how did that happen?! oh…this article says it was called a cookie to get around restrictions), and for years has been the top seller in Iceland, according to the interwebs. It’s a chocolately wafer bar. Kinda like Kit Kat but nicer chocolate. A local version is called Conga. Hraun means lava, which that wafer bar sorta looks like with the puffed rice I think it is on the outside.

Nóa Kropp are chocolate covered corn puffs. They come in bars, or in the dangerous “just one more” individual pieces. Turkish Pepper is a big flavor rage these days, apparently neither Turkish nor pepper. And more licorice and chocolate. What is it with those people?

Then… chocolate. I think the nice dairy they have makes the Icelandic milk chocolate particularly tasty. OK and the last was from England – the airport actually, using up some pounds. (Yes, I did actually change some money.)

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