flower fold book

Still between things and not much of a plan going in to the shop but it’s always nice being there even if I don’t get much “done” – there’s always something to look at if nothing else – and not through all the structures in the Folded Books chapter of Making Handmade Books but a quote came by, well it’s been percolating for a bit now, but it seems to want to be printed, and not just as a broadside so I went browsing through the book for something that seemed to fit – that it fit or that fit it although I don’t really know what the difference is and I suppose they both have to happen and I won’t really know for sure until I do it but I liked how the prototype of this went – folding and just a touch of glue (OK that might need to be more in the real thing and don’t think about that thing where I don’t really care for glueing) and the structure IS from the Simply Glued chapter and then tried with a little nicer paper (I’m sure you don’t want it to be too heavy, but a quality text weight) and slightly smaller size although I can’t decide quite what direction it – the printing that is – should go – align with the squares or along the way it opens?

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