Euroadventure 2016! Day 5

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I woke up, there at the summer-house had the luxury of a room to myself. It was a cute bunk bed set-up, perfect for fitting in a bunch of grandkids, I’m sure, but I didn’t have to share. I didn’t know if anyone else was awake yet, at least no one was up and about, so I went out and walked a little bit and took some pictures, although we had plans for a touristing day, so I didn’t want to get too far away or be too long. When I got back the others were up, and after a bit we had breakfast then packed sandwiches for the excursion. There was more home-baked bread. Móðir said it was never the same twice.

We set off to Geysir, backtracking slightly to get on a paved road. As we passed through Flúðir, Móðir said this was where the ice cream was and asked if anyone wanted to stop now. Well, I think she was mainly asking WCN, and he declined. (I know, are we really related?!) There were vegetables growing under row cloths – one of the things the area is known for.

The plains were cut by rivers – a large white one, meaning glacial, and another that was clear. We stopped at the waterfall Faxi, which was quite lovely. There was a fish ladder by the side of it. Also camping facilities, and a large ring for sheep sorting.

From Geysir we continued into the forest, looking for a picnic table, which we didn’t find a suitable unoccupied one, but did find a nice place to have our lunch. The joke goes “What do you do if you’re lost in an Icelandic forest?” … “Stand up.” but, although not by California/Redwoods standards tall, they were taller than one would be able to see over by standing up. I did (shh) sample a fir tip.

Next up was Gullfoss, for two of the three main attractions on the Golden Circle (hmn, with three why isn’t it the Golden Triangle?) Þingvellir National Park was the one we didn’t get to.

The drive back seemed much shorter, even with stopping this direction for the ice cream in Flúðir at the Samkaup Strax. For some reason I’d been envisioning a stand alone ice cream shop, but this was the all things mart, with groceries, the soft serve, and fast food, and a gathering area up front that had an art exhibit and old guys hanging out. The town also had, of all things, an Ethiopian restaurant!

Back at the house and we walked around the circle of the neighborhood. The host parents’ had been the second house in. And WOW! underground utilities. That’s nice. On foot one could see flowers, which were overall small and subtle, but good colors. There were also some Icelandic horses down the road.

The rest of the day included some time in the pot, and watching the UEFA football vs. Hungary on the TV – Iceland was up 1 goal for almost all of the game then had an own goal score to tie the final result. Wah wah. Then there was grilled leg of lamb for dinner, which was a bit of a revelation to me, having never eaten lamb. Finished off the day with a fun card game that the host parents taught us.

June 18, 2016

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