Bókin & Bókakjallarinn (alas, not so much)

You may have noticed I like books. No? OK, nevermind. Anyway, so besides the library thing I also keep an eye out for bookstores. yeah yeah and there’s the googles for that bookstores in fill-in-the-blank where I’m going to also, I admit it. Which, for Reykjavík came up with some standard Barnes & Noble-y type places and then Bókin, a secondhand shop that looked like a must visit. Which, I tried, and (even with the whole 24-hour clock thing) was pretty darn sure I was there during what was said to be opening hours, but they weren’t. I even went away and came back, in case they were just out for a bit. Nope. No meant to be. Perhaps just as well, who knows what heavy tomes I would have come away with…

THEN! Somehow I had missed seeing this post about Bókakjallarinn – The Book Cellar – a secondhand shop in what used to be a printing press and publishing company. And the presses are still there! I had seen a place with I think books in the window when we went by the school, and had made a mental note to investigate further, but that had gotten misplaced. Sorta wonder if that had been this. Again, sounds like a possibly dangerous place so maybe just as well I missed it. But that’s the thing about travel – well, I guess about life – you can’t do everything.

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